I left Cambridge, determined to grapple with the gravest problem in English education: its long tail of underachievement. Having learned how to teach basic literacy in one of Inner London’s most notorious boys' secondary moderns, I became Head of Remedial in the Midlands. I called the meeting that led to the establishment of the world’s leading journal in Disability Studies, before a stint on the staff of a major northern university. This led to three books on Special Provision in mainstream schools. I have taught in four failing schools, one of which reached the top one per cent for value-added in England, thanks in part to a Creative Partnership


Matthew Hendry is embarking upon a Drawing BA at Falmouth 

Miki Lane is a freelance cartoonist and tattoo designer

This is a fictional, interactive blog. My illustrators and I will be creating a new instalment twice a month over the next year. Email turbulent.school@gmail.com and I will edit my text.